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Thoughts on Foreign Language With a Visual-Spatial Learner

My son recently said something to me that had me thinking. We have been studying several foreign languages in our homeschool for 4-5 years now. The other day my visual-spatial learner made a comment that he knows Greek best. He has devoted time and effort into studying Arabic, Mandarin, and …

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Ancient Greek Pictionary

Learning foreign language vocabulary can be done through rote memorization, but it isn’t very fun and at times it can be quite tedious.  We’ve had success learning individual words by association.  For instance the word for farmer in ancient Greek is αὐτουργός which sounds like owe – tore- gose. We …

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Grammar for Visual-Spatial Learners

Teaching grammar visually to visual-spatial learners can make the learning process a bit easier.  I had been working on a difficult grammatical concept with my visual-spatial learner in our foreign language curriculum recently and he wasn’t really connecting with the concept.  When I pulled out the cuisenaire rods and used …

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