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4 Benefits to a Documentary-Focused History Study

We have just finished our 3rd year of a documentary-focused history study and it has been an amazing way to explore history.  Along the way I’ve discovered 4 amazing benefits to learning history through documentaries. 1. Watching documentaries is more engaging than reading a textbook I don’t know about you, …

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Documentary-Based Modern World History Study

We have enjoyed learning history through documentaries for a couple years now.  This documentary-based study covers World War 1 up through the present day.  Because there is so much, it will likely take more than one school year to finish it.  Most of the time will be spent watching documentaries, …

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Learning about Early Modern World History with Documentaries

I put together this study for my 5th grader and 7th grader.  It is a continuation of the documentary-focused Middle Ages study we did last school year.   When my boys were younger we tended to do history studies with lots of hands-on activities.  Now that they are getting older, …

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