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Eclectic Homeschooling Profiles: Meet Haley Hord

Eclectic homeschooling involves meshing different educational philosophies and methods into something that works for your family.  As a result this will look different from family to family.  We are featuring a series of interviews with eclectic homeschoolers to show how varied eclectic homeschooling can be. Meet Haley Hord! Why did …

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Determining Grade Level

Talking with other homeschooling parents I have realized that not everyone determines grade level in the same way.    Some choose to determine grade level according to their child’s skill level and others equate the grade with the child’s age. I think homeschooling provides a unique perspective on grade levels. …

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How Unique is Your Homeschooling Approach?

The revised What Kind of Homeschooler Are You? quiz has been taken over 30,000 times since April.   Homeschooling is diverse.  I think if I compiled all 30,000 of these quizzes, there would be 30,000 different results.  Recently, I decided to take a closer look at some of the quizzes …

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