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Documentary-Based Modern World History Course for High School

This is a modern world history course that I put together for my 9th grader.  He is studying World War 2 through current times.  While this is a world history course, it does have more US history than other countries.  I’ve combined readings, documentaries, and writing to create a 1 …

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Fun with Ancient History

We are studying ancient history through living books, activities, and videos. We are exploring what life must have been like when people hunted mammoths, lived in caves, and traveled around looking for food. We are using these books: Maroo of the Winter Caves is a story of a girl and …

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Making a Coracle – Ancient History Art Project

As part of our study of ancient history we read several pages in The Usborne Book of Living Long Ago about ancient history. The book covers several different time periods, but we are focusing on the sections on ancient history for now. On page 75 of the book it gave …

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