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Elementary Plans for a Creative Kid: 2nd Grade – 4th Grade

My youngest child is finishing up 1st grade now and to get an overall picture of what we will cover in the next few years, I did some long-term plans for her. This child is a highly creative visual-spatial learner.  This typically requires some kind of creative approach to each …

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Long Term Plans 8th Grade – 12th Grade

I finally completed long-term plans for my current 7th grader.  I had previously done some long-term plans for him a couple years ago and I revised them to meet his current interests and progress. This kid has an interest in entering a computer science or electrical engineering field.  Due to …

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Planning for the 2014-2015 School Year

Planning has begun!  Since we school year round I need to be ready to start the new school year in July.  As a result, I have to start preparing now. What you will see here is a list of my curriculum choices.  This is only the start of the planning …

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