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Scotland Unit Study

When my boys were young, we completed a unit study on Scotland. I lived there for a little while as a young adult, so I was happy to share with my boys some of the culture that I loved. Since Kindergarten we have spent time learning about different cultures around …

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Ancient China, Ancient Rome, Early Christianity, and the Celts Study

My boys are studying part of the ancient world this school year.  The past couple of years we have focused on ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  This year our focus will be on ancient Rome.  In Bible we are also covering the same time period.  My boys are very different …

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Scotland Field Trip

  We are currently going through a unit study on Scotland. A field trip is always welcome around here. While we aren’t heading to Scotland, we did go and play a favorite game from Scotland. Golf! Prior to the field trip my boys watched You-tube videos of golf courses in …

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