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Can Homeschooling Parents Really Teach Every Subject Well?

Can I as a homeschooling parent really teach every subject well?  Doubters of homeschooling often question whether or not parents can provide an appropriate education. I think this very question demonstrates a misunderstanding of how homeschooling works. I can’t teach every subject well.  That is rather impossible.  My job isn’t …

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Speech and Language Help for Homeschoolers

  Do you have a child with speech or language difficulties?  As a former Speech-Language Pathologist, I have a great interest in helping young children’s speech and language skills.  Parents make great teachers.  I’ve been homeschooling for 9 years now and this time has further reinforced the idea that parents …

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5 Things You Don’t Need to Homeschool Successfully

There are lots of options for homeschoolers these days.  From curriculum to co-ops, it helps to think about what is really essential to homeschool successfully and what isn’t. Here are 5 things you don’t need in order to homeschool successfully: 1.  A Homeschool Room While a dedicated homeschool area may …

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