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Heaven or Harvard? Anti-Intellectualism in Christian Homeschooling

Heaven or Harvard

A few weeks ago, someone on Facebook posted a quote that went along the lines of “Raise your children for heaven, not Harvard.”  I pondered the statement for a little while trying to grasp the logic in it.  No, it still didn’t make sense.  It was like one of those …

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Working and Homeschooling: 8 Helpful Tips


When I first started homeschooling I was working 60 hour weeks for my own business.  There wasn’t an option to cut back on hours and I knew homeschooling was the best choice for my son.  7 years have passed and my work situation has changed many times.  Through the years …

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Stop homeschooling and teach your kid some tolerance!

If you have been homeschooling for awhile, I’m sure you have heard the argument that children need a classroom setting to learn to get along with people quite different from themselves.  Accepting people for who they are is a concept that many adults feel must be learned and practiced in …

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Milestones of a little one growing up in a homeschool environment


My little girl is growing up.  Although she started some formal learning last school year, it was mostly when we could fit it in.  This year she gets her own unit study and book list and one-on-one time for foreign language.  Last week I had parent-student conferences with my boys …

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