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5 Things I Fear About Public School

Recently, someone who didn’t know me too well started to shower down 20 questions about homeschooling and share her perspectives on the matter.  I don’t know about you, but I seem to run into quite a bit of people who don’t get homeschooling and are quick to share their criticisms …

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3 Ways Engagement Is Not Entertainment

Engagement is often confused with entertainment.  They are not the same thing.  1.  Interesting or fun? Entertainment has fun as its focus.  We all like fun, right?  Learning often happens when we are having fun.  Engagement is different though.  Engagement is focused on presenting the subject matter in a way …

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5 Ways to Promote a Love for Learning When Formally Schooling

I love learning.  I pretty much always have.  My 18 years of formal education didn’t drive it out of me either.  I remember one of my college professors telling me that I was one of the most intrinsically motivated students she had had.  I think it is just innate in …

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