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Planning Middle School for a Visual-Spatial Learner


Middle school is upon us and I’ve attempted to put together a plan that will suit my strongly visual-spatial learner.  This highly creative kid has dreams of a future working with computers in some way.  Math and art are areas of strength.  Language arts subjects have been a weaker area, …

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Long Term Plans 8th Grade – 12th Grade


I finally completed long-term plans for my current 7th grader.  I had previously done some long-term plans for him a couple years ago and I revised them to meet his current interests and progress. This kid has an interest in entering a computer science or electrical engineering field.  Due to …

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Long-term plans for 4th-6th grade

I’ve recently completed plans for my youngest son who will be in 4th grade next year.  I also put together plans for 5th and 6th grade.  These plans are for a highly creative visual-spatial learner who is strong in math and desires to work with computers/game design someday.  Because of …

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Homeschool curriculum plans for middle school through high school

In the last 4-5 months I have undertaken a huge task.  I’ve been planning out our schooling for the next three years and for my oldest I have gone all the way through high school.  Three years for him took him through 8th grade and as a result I found …

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Long term planning

Because of an upcoming move to Asia I’ve attempted to put together long-term plans for my children’s schooling.  Up to this point I’ve planned year to year with a general idea of where I wanted to go in the future.  After 4-5 months of researching and planning I’ve finally come …

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