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Elementary Plans for a Creative Kid: 2nd Grade – 4th Grade


My youngest child is finishing up 1st grade now and to get an overall picture of what we will cover in the next few years, I did some long-term plans for her. This child is a highly creative visual-spatial learner.  This typically requires some kind of creative approach to each …

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Long Term Plans 8th Grade – 12th Grade


I finally completed long-term plans for my current 7th grader.  I had previously done some long-term plans for him a couple years ago and I revised them to meet his current interests and progress. This kid has an interest in entering a computer science or electrical engineering field.  Due to …

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3 Ways We Combine Novelty and Structure in Homeschooling


My kids need novelty.  I need novelty.  Doing the same thing every school day would make us all quite frustrated and bored.  Every day needs to be different.  We also need our days to be structured.  Structure and novelty seem like opposites, but we have found some things that have …

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Putting together your own curriculum using the library


I have been trying something different this coming school year.  I am utilizing all of the library’s resources and planning my curriculum based on that.  To start, I decided on what topics I wanted to cover for the upcoming school year.  I am using the library’s resources for almost every …

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