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Avoiding Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum

Several years ago my young daughter pranced around telling me all about evilution.  She loved watching David Attenborough documentaries and his British accent made the word sound like “evil-lution” instead of the way it is pronounced in North America.  Even though my young daughter was pronouncing it as evilution, we …

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Dangerous Animals Unit Study

My 7 year old daughter wanted to abandon her current science studies and spend lots of time learning more about dangerous animals.  So we are!  For this study, I’ve compiled a list of easily available resources from Netflix, Youtube, and our local library.   After consulting with my art-loving daughter, …

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Rainforest Feast

For my first grader’s science this year, I created a unit study that goes along with the Magic School Bus videos.  Her current topic is on the rainforest.  After my daughter watched a Magic School Bus show about the rainforest, we read a book about rainforests together.  My kid likes …

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