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Heaven or Harvard? Anti-Intellectualism in Christian Homeschooling

A few weeks ago, someone on Facebook posted a quote that went along the lines of “Raise your children for heaven, not Harvard.”  I pondered the statement for a little while trying to grasp the logic in it.  No, it still didn’t make sense.  It was like one of those …

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Free Interactive Science Simulations

We stumbled upon a great find today when we were learning about electric circuits.  The University of Colorado in Boulder has a great website chock full of interactive science simulations.  They are simple to download and use.  Here is the one we discovered today: You will find different simulations for …

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Basher Periodic Table Flashcards

Basher Periodic Table Flashcards have been a great addition to our homeschool.  I found them at a local store this past weekend and my 4th grader was pretty much begging to get out the flashcards earlier this week.  The flashcards have creative little pictures for each element with information about …

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