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Yes! Spelling Success!

Progress!  Measurable and observable progress!  Yes, I’m excited because we are finally using a spelling method that works for my son.  We had tried several different programs, but my son typically continued to misspell words that he was already misspelling.  All of the programs also had him practicing spelling words …

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Spelling for a Visual-Spatial Learner – AVKO Individualized Spelling

Since my son was in first grade we have used Evan-Moore’s Building Spelling Skills: Grade 1, Rod and Staff Spelling, Spelling City, and Sequential Spelling.  Evan-Moore Spelling was a simple way to start with spelling.  It is in the traditional spelling workbook format except it also has you learn to see …

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A Snapshot of a Homeschooling Day

Late this afternoon about an hour before we finished school for the day I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of what was going on in our homeschool.  While every day is different this moment demonstrated how working with children in different grades can work.  Sometimes my children …

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