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Formal schooling combined with unschooling

Formal schooling and unschooling don’t often go together.  In fact, they often are perceived as opposites.  However, I’ve found that formal schooling and unschooling can work well together.  For many unschooling is defined by the absence of formal schooling.  My definition of unschooling is somewhat different.  I define unschooling as …

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Adventures in Unschooling

I love unschooling.  Unschooling is the process of letting your child’s interest guide his learning.  In unschooling you won’t sit your child down to learn, but the child may come up to you and ask how to write his name.  In unschooling, learning is natural and unstructured, making use of …

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Interrupted with Unschooling

Unschooling is the educational philosophy that learning should be unstructured and child-led.  I unschooled throughout my children’s preschool years and avoided any structured learning until my children were around age 5.  But unschooling hasn’t left the building. As an eclectic homeschooler I choose between a variety of homeschooling philosophies and …

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