The ABCs of Homeschooling

The ABCs of Homeschooling



Homeschooling requires adapting.  There will always be instances where something won’t work in the way you expected or in the way a book says it should.  Adapting the situation and learning to fit your child is necessary.


Homeschooling is bold.  It takes courage to do something different than all of the other moms on your street.


Homeschooling provides an opportunity for creativity to flourish.  Not only can you approach your child’s education in new and unique ways, but your child can approach learning outside the schoolish box.


Homeschooling requires dedication.  A successful homeschooler is not someone who uses all the “right” curriculum or methods.  A successful homeschooler is a parent who is dedicated to helping her children learn.


Homeschooling can be expensive.  Even if you create your own curriculum and use free resources, homeschooling often takes place in a single income household.  Living on one income can be difficult for some families.


Homeschooling is fun…sometimes.  There will be days where you have amazing learning experiences.  Treasure those moments.

Giggles and grumbling

You will hear both.  Homeschooling gives you time and opportunity to hear and share in your children’s giggles.  You will also hear their complaints.


Homeschooling is hard.  Some days you might want to give up this gig, but you keep on keeping on because you know that some days are like that (even in Australia).


Homeschooling allows the imagination to shine.   A highly-imaginative child can thrive outside the confines of traditional schooling.


Homeschooling is a journey.  Sometimes the journey will be enjoyable with lots of interesting things happening along the way.  Other times you may be on a stretch of road that is difficult.


Homeschooling builds knowledge.  As you make your way through the homeschooling years, not only will your children gain knowledge, but you will as well.


Yes, homeschooling is legal in a good chunk of the world.  I realize that your cousin’s brother-in-law’s sister knew about a family who homeschooled and she thought the kids weren’t learning anything.  But homeschooling is legal.


Homeschooling builds so many memories.  Memories together.  Memories that build strong bonds.


Homeschooling provides daily opportunities to nurture your child’s development whether that is academic, social, physical, or spiritual.


Homeschooling lets your children be themselves.  With the family as their main influence, peer pressure is less likely to conform an original into a copycat.


Homeschooling provides time for your child to fully explore his passions and interests.


Well, homeschooling won’t give you that.  You will hear your children much more.  You will hear their laughter, their fighting, their singing….  You will hear them and be there for all of those non-quiet moments.  One day the time will come when the house will be quiet, but homeschooling won’t be that time.


Homeschooling isn’t all rosy.  Some times are downright rough.  It is during those rough times that is is helpful to remember the rosy parts of homeschooling.


So you just spent a week attempting to explain a math concept to your kid without much success.  Then the light bulb comes on….nothing beats that satisfaction.


Homeschooling gives you time.  Time to build a strong relationship.  Time to be together.  Time to get off the treadmill of a school schedule.  Time to just be.


Homeschooling allows uniqueness to shine.  Not only can your children shine in their individuality, but the way you approach homeschooling can be unique to your family.


Whether you are conservative or liberal, Christian or not, homeschooling provides more opportunities for you to impart your values to your children.

Worth it

Homeschooling may not be easy.  The day in and day out of it all can be challenging, but it is worth it.


So many schools have limited opportunities for physical activity now.  Homeschoolers don’t have the same limitations.  Exercise can be an integral part of each day.


Homeschooling can be done on a time table that works for your family.  Many families end up abandoning the typical school schedule for a year-round version that adapts to the family.


No need to get up early and catch a bus when you homeschool.  Your child can spend time learning after getting a full night’s sleep.

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