The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing

I made a different choice for handwriting this past summer.  My younger son has had much difficulty with using the correct grip as well as letter formation.  Reversals were common as well.  My older son was starting to learn cursive.  He also struggled with handwriting early on, but he did have a correct grip and formed letters appropriately.  My younger son has loved putting pen or pencil to paper from a young age.  He didn’t confine himself to drawing and learned how to write letters before I began any formal instruction.  This caused some problems because he was already using bad habits for quite some time before he started Kindergarten.  Now he is in second grade and we were still dealing with issues.  I wanted to really focus on handwriting this school year and thought that taking a totally different approach might jump-start issues we were having.

The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing is a vintage cursive program available online.  By the end of the course your handwriting is supposed to look like this:

I am using this course with both of my boys and am using fountain pens.  The disposable fountain penshave really helped both of my kids.  My older son is learning to not put too much pressure when he writes.  My younger son has learned the correct grip and has improved his fine motor skills significantly.  I am still incorporating copywork for printing right now.  We are going slowly through the program and only advancing to the next step when the previous step is completed correctly with ease.  Here is an example of a lesson page toward the beginning of the course:
 My boys are advancing at their own pace.  My older son was completing the last steps of this lesson and my younger son was just starting this lesson.

I am planning to start some lessons on print letter formation with my younger son soon too.

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  1. Some body wants the kids to be handwriting and not imitating . There could be a penmanship heaven so hang in there lady . david nz.

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