Tumblin’ Monkeys Game Review

Tumblin Monkeys Game Review
Every Wednesday we have a school day where all we do is play games. Games are highly educational even if they have no direct relation to academics. Today my five year old chose to play Tumblin’ Monkeys.

Tumblin’ Monkeys is game of strategy and fun. To play you need to set up the tree by putting the plastic sticks through the holes in the tree. Then all the little brown monkeys are placed in the top of the tree. Most of them will stay at the top, but a couple may fall and hang on to a plastic stick.

Once the game is set up a child takes a turn by shaking a die. The die has three colors – orange, pink, and green – that correspond to the plastic sticks. When the die is rolled the player has to pull out a plastic stick in that corresponds to the color shown on the die.

tumblin monkeysIf any monkeys fall they are taken and put in the player’s pile. The winner is the person who has the least amount of monkeys after all the plastic sticks have been removed.

The game is for age 5 and up, but it shouldn’t be a problem for most 3 and 4 year olds. Younger kids would just need an adult to play with them and set up the game.

Tumblin’ Monkeys only takes about 10 minutes to play. We played three times in a row today. It was interesting to see my kids develop a strategy as they played.

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