Types and Shadows of the Old Covenant Unit Study

typesI put this study together to help my children better understand the symbolism in the Old Covenant and how it relates to Jesus.  It is primarily designed for my 7th and 5th graders, but my 1st grader will also participate with an abbreviated discussion time.  It digs deep into the topic and incorporates many videos and hands-on activities.

This study includes two main books:  The Tabernacle of Moses and The Feasts of Israel by Kevin Conner.  These books provide lots of detail about the symbolism, but reading through I’ve noticed that there are several theological differences that I have with the author.  Also, when I say “read” in the unit study, I usually do a mix between summarize, read, and discuss.  When I come to points of theological disagreement, we will either discuss that or skip it.

I have no idea how long this will take to complete.  The tabernacle model we will build should be quite time-consuming, but fun too.  We like creating edible models.  It provides us opportunities to discuss the topic further as the item is slowly eaten and I have nothing to store when we are done.

We will go through this topic in the order it is listed here.  We will also be doing a study of the names of God this coming school year.  We will probably spend 2-3 days a week (1 hour-1.5 hours a week) on both studies.


History of the Tabernacletabernacle
  • Read Kregel’s Tabernacle Model pg 3-6
Introduction to the Tabernacle
Symbolism in the Israelite Camp
  • Read Numbers 2
  • Cross in the arrangement of the camp – pg 11- 13 Tabernacle of Moses
  • Demonstrate the arrangement of  the camp with Legos following the scale model in the book.
Materials in Construction of the Tabernacle
  • Read pg 17-18 Tabernacle of Moses (info and referenced Bible verses – Bible look-up game)
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Brass
    • Precious Stones
    • Fine Linen
    • Shittim Wood
    • Oil for Light
    • Spices for Anointing Oil
    • Spices for Sweet Insense
    • Blue
    • Purple like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyrian_purple
    • Scarlet
    • Goats’ hair
    • Rams’ skin dyed red
    • Badger’s skin
 Ark of the Covenant
Table of Shewbread
The Golden Candlestick
Altar of Incense
Tabernacle Framework
Brazen Altar
Brazen Laver
Tabernacle Conclusion


Feast of Unleavened Bread
Feast of First Fruits
Feast of Pentecost


Intro on Feasts of the 7th month
Feast of  Trumpets
Feast Day of Atonement
Feast of Tabernacles
Weekly Sabbath Day

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  1. This is a beautifully put together study! I love studying about the types and shadows in the Old Testament and I’ll definitely be using this- but first I’m going to be using your idea to study Fruit of the Spirit. 🙂

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