Ukraine Unit Study

Ukraine Unit StudyWe are spending time studying Ukraine this year. Part way through our study we will take a field trip to the local Ukrainian festival. We do geography twice a week for 40 minutes each time so the study of Ukraine should take at least 7 full weeks. I read the books listed here aloud to my children, although some I could use as readers if I wanted to.
Day 1
Europe Framed Continent Puzzle 38pc and explore Ukraine with Google Earth

Day 2

People Around the World pg 51-52

Window On The World (pb) pg 148-149
Fool of the World and the Flying Ship
Color map

Day 3
Make Cookie map of Ukraine. I make a large cookie cake and cut it to the shape of Ukraine. The boys then decorate the cookie cake and eat different parts of the country for several days.

Day 4
Rechenka’s Eggs (Paperstar)
Egg dying

Day 5
Make flag out of construction paper
Play Boomchyk’s Kitchen and the Color Game at

Day 6
How the Animals Built their House and Other Stories
Dance videos

Day 7
Europe Framed Continent Puzzle 38pc
Alphabet game, zoo animal game

Day 8
The Turnip
Ukranian Holidays
Kupala – jumping over fire

Day 9
The Fox Judge and Other Tales

Day 10
Practice Old Woman Kutsia and fire jumping (pretend fire of course)

Day 11
Make costumes out of things found around the house –

Day 12
Watch Ukranian TV

Day 13
Make paska bread, cruellers, apple cake

Day 14
Feast – make cabbage rolls, pyrogies, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, noodles with cabbage, and chicken kiev
Play games (fire jumping/Old Woman Kutsia) and wear costumes
Field trip to festival sept 18-20
Cabbage rolls, pyrogies, mushroom sauce on mashed potatoes, noodles with cabbage, paska bread, cruellers, chicken kiev,ukrainian_chicken_kyiv_with_mushroom_sauce.phtml, sauerkraut, apple cake,ukrainian_apple_cake_yabluchnyk.phtml

Also, I have created a playlist at YouTube of a video tour of Ukraine.  I don’t have this scheduled in, but at lunch time I do put on a playlist for my boys so they will probably see this playlist at least 5-6 times during the 7 weeks. You can also view the playlist here:


  1. This is really cool that you offer materials to study Ukraine. Sometimes, people that live there (like my wife and me) feel like no one knows about our country. My wife is from there, and I’m from Texas, but I still love Ukraine very much. We’re missionaries in L’viv.

    We just started a geography project on Kickstarter. We want to make a virtual road trip through Europe for homeschoolers. If you guys could somehow pass it along, we would really appreciate it. –

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