Ukrainian Costumes are in progress…

Ukrainian Costumes in ProgressToday we started putting together Ukrainian costumes. We don’t do anything fancy or purchase anything. We take a look at a picture of a person in native dress and find things around the house or make things that will complete the costume. We looked at this picture to figure out what we were going to do.

ukraine costumeThe costumes are not yet complete. We don’t plan on a coat so that makes it a little easier. The boys will have a hat as well as some embroidery-looking thing on their shirt. We will probably do the embroidery design on cardboard and tie it on. The boys did get into it though. They are wearing my shirts, pants, and belts and my husband’s socks. The socks are supposed to be boots. The wrap around waist belt is a sweatshirt on one boy and a baby wrap on the other boy. Our costumes will be complete for our feast that is coming up in one week.

ukrainian costumes

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