Unboxing Homeschool Curriculum from Christian Book Distributors

Don’t you like box days?  We had a box day this week.  Our first curriculum/supplies for the new school year arrived from Christian Book Distributors.  Most of the items purchased were for Bible, but there were a couple other things in the box too.

The first thing out of the box was a NIrV Adventure Bible for my 7 year old.  It is a great introductory Bible for kids between 6-9.

NIrV Adventure Bible

Comes in a cardboard slipcover.


Adventure Bible open

Many pages have a little featured section. This section can highlight a Bible text, share a fact from Bible times, or ask a question or share a tidbit designed to help a child think.


Adventure Bible in action

My 7 year old decided to start highlighting right away.


The next thing out of the box was a set of 4 Wordkeeper CBD Dry Highlighters.  I find these kind of highlighters work best for Bibles because they don’t bleed through and don’t run out of ink.

CBD Dry Highlighter Pack


I then pulled out a NLT Slimline Center Column Reference Bible for my 11 year old.  I had the Bible inscribed with his name on the front.


In the box



NLT out of the box

Soft outer cover!


NLT open

Inside the NLT Bible with a center reference column and the words of Jesus in red.


My oldest child also received a Bible with his name inscribed on the front. His Bible was a NKJV Large Print Ultra Thin Reference Bible.

New King James Version

This one didn’t come in a box, but it had a cardboard slipcover.


NKJV outer

Not as soft as the NLT outer, but nice outer.


NKJV open

The NKJV Large Print open. It has a center reference column and the words of Jesus are in red. Notice that large print for a Bible usually means normal sized print.



My 11 year old had requested some kind of devotional book and this is one that he liked.




Devotional open

Short story-style readings for each day.


I also picked up a book for my oldest child. Next school year he will be reading Soren Kierkegaard’s Sickness Unto Death. My library didn’t have one, so I purchased it.

Sickness Unto Death

Simple paperpack book


This item has been long-awaited because my 7 year old was running out of stickers. When she does her mental math exercises, she puts a sticker on my face for each problem completed.  These scratch and sniff stickers are right up her alley.

Round Stinky Stickers

480 stickers in all!


Round Sticky Stickers Super Saver Pack

We received 2 sheets of each of these scents: caramel, honey, pineapple, tutti-frutti, popcorn, apple, dirt, blueberry, strawberry (cuddly critters), strawberry (dino fun), chocolate, peppermint, licorice, bubble gum, fruit punch, and vanilla.


The last thing in our box was a hardcover ESV Literary Study Bible. Next school year we plan to study certain Bible books in depth. When we do this, we read a text and explore it in Greek and discuss possible meanings. The Literary Study Bible will aid our studies.

The ESV Literary Study Bible

Hardcover version. It was wrapped in plastic.


ESV Study Bible open

The inside of the Literary Study Bible.


The empty box then became a toy….as they do. I happen to think that empty boxes are some of the best toys around.

Which item from our box looks the most interesting to you? Please share in the comments!

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