Unit Study on Islam

Unit Study on IslamSome might wonder why we, as Christians, decide to spend time learning about another religion.  I guess my reasons are two-fold.  First of all, I believe it is important to expose my children to other viewpoints and ideas about religion.  I want them to face questions and wonder while they are still under my wing.  I also desire my children to respect the differences people have in this world whether that is in religion or culture.  There is so much fighting and problems that happen in this world because two groups don’t know how to get along.  I believe the first step in getting along is to understand the other’s viewpoint.

Over the past 10 years or so I have heard many Christians make derogatory remarks about Muslims.  Some even consider them the enemy.  I think part of this perspective comes from fear.  I think very few Christians have really spent much time learning about what Muslims believe and because of that there is fear of the unknown.  Also, I think many have forgotten that Jesus instructed his followers to love their enemies.  (This is assuming the person believes that Muslims are the enemy).  I find the whole situation sad and seek to educate my children about the differences in this world and to always see people from a place of love.

We are covering the Middle East in our geography studies year.  In addition to studying Islam, we are learning about Judaism as well as the countries of Iran, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.  I like to combine a mixture of books, videos and activities when I put together our studies.  Since my daughter is joining us in our geography studies this year, I’m doing it at two different levels.  I typically read the books aloud and don’t often read every word, but focus on covering all of the topics in the book.  If you are interested in the books and videos we used, I have linked to them below.

Suitable for Kindergarten-Mid-Elementary

  1. Read Islam by Wallace
  2. Read Eid al-Adha by Walker
  3. Read Celebrating Ramadan by Hoyt-Goldsmith
  4. Watch What is Islam? by Schlessinger Media (more suitable for mid-elementary)
  5. Watch Ramadan by Fabian
  6. Make Eid cookies in the shape of moon and stars.  We are basically making rolled sugar cookies and making them into moon and star shapes.  We will then use colored melted chocolate to make them look something like the picture on this page.  Apparently, rolled sugar cookies are not a Middle Eastern tradition, but they are something that is done in the West.  Since we live in the West right now and are in an area with a larger Muslim population, I figured it was a good choice.

Suitable for Mid-Elementary – Middle School

  1. Read Islam by Thompson
  2. Read Eid al-Adha by Walker
  3. Read Celebrating Ramadan by Hoyt-Goldsmith
  4. Watch Islam By Schlessinger Media
  5. Watch Inside Mecca on Youtube
  6. Watch Ramadan by Fabian
  7. Make Eid moon and star cookies

If we weren’t already learning Arabic, it would be neat to add in some Arabic language videos like this one:

This one is good too. It is a group of Muslim children singing the Arabic alphabet song:


  1. Hi,

    I just came across your page and think it’s absolutely beautiful! I’m an American Muslim and could totally relate to what you have just described above. I appreciate the fact that you’re raising well informed, intelligent and compassionate children. We should all work together to build bridges and care for this beautiful world that we live in. If you have any question about Islam or Muslims, please feel free to reach out.

    With Love,
    A fellow homeschoolers

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