Visual Tour of Italy

I find YouTube to be a great resource for homeschooling. You can find most anything there now. I put together a playlist of Italy so my kids could see what the different areas of Italy looked like. They watched it today for the first time and thought Italy looked nice. They had a good laugh at some of the opera music playing on one video and were interested in the church on Peter’s grave. My six year old was happy to find out where the leaning tower of Pisa was. My second grader enjoyed seeing the Pompeii ruins on video after reading a book on Pompeii previously. Below you will see the playlist covering Rome, Venice, Pompeii, Florence, Milan, Tuscany, Umbria, Positano, Liguria, the Italian lakes, Sicily, and Vatican City. We will watch this playlist a couple times before our study of Italy is done. Next time we will likely watch it with a map in hand so we can map out where the video was taken. The playlist contains 15 videos and all together it is almost an hour long.

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