Watch Mandarin Shows for Kids Online

We typically watch shows from this list a couple times a week.  While my kids are still in the beginning stages of learning Mandarin, exposure helps.  They don’t understand everything, but as they learn more and more their comprehension will grow.

1.….MxODg4NTg.html Lion King in Mandarin
2. “大头儿子小头爸爸” (Big Head Son – 78 episodes)
3. “马丁的早晨” (Martin Morning – 52 episodes) 
4. “机器猫” (Doraemon the Japanese robotic cat – 500 episodes!)
5. “喜羊羊与灰太狼” (Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – 465 episodes!)
6. “拇指熊” (Thumb Bear – 11 episodes)
7. Chinese songs and video links
8. Chinese YouTube cartoons
9. lots of cartoons in Mandarin – like this one

Another good show is The Magic Gourd by Disney.  It may be available from Netflix or your library.  It has a Mandarin language track so your child can watch the show in English and Mandarin.  It also has English subtitles that you can use with the Mandarin track.


  1. Do any of these have English subtitles?

  2. Thank you. Our 3 year old came from China 4 months ago. I’m sure she’ll enjoy these. We’ve seen Magic Gourd from Netflix. 🙂

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