Water Cycle Fun

Water Cycle FunToday we delved into our study of the ocean with a section on the water cycle. It was fun to consider that the water that rained on ancient people is the same water that rains on us today. We are using Awesome Ocean Science for our experiment and study guide.

Our experiment today had us making rain inside a container. We prepped the container with hot water in the base and ice cubes in a plastic bag attached to the top. This allowed condensation to build up, but it took about 20 minutes. Here is a picture of the container at the start of our experiment.
water cycle before

While we were waiting, we watched YouTube videos about the water cycle. Two of them were water cycle songs and one was a detailed experiment that deals with ecological issues related to flooding and drought.




water cycle after

At the end of watching the videos we examined the container and found that condensation had built up and a few drops were falling. My son wiggled the bag of ice with a ruler to coax more drops to fall. My boys thoroughly enjoyed this study. This study was designed for my science-loving seven year old, but my five year old chose to participate for the videos and the last part of the lesson.

Today was only one day of a 31 day study I put together. If you want to see the whole study go here.

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