Week 11 finished

I don’t know how we made it through week 11.  But we finished week 11 today.  The past two months have been a blur of fitting school around numerous doctors appointments, dentist appointments, and house repairs.  We did manage to fit in a few field trips here and there in all the hubbub.  After Christmas the appointments and urgent calls from the doctor to come in immediately should calm down significantly.  I need to spread things out a bit better in the future.

I’ve made a few changes in our curriculum so far this school year.  Grammar, Greek, and physics have undergone changes.  Our schedule has been constantly adapting trying to figure out how to best handle subject matter this year.  I posted earlier this year on finally figuring out a working schedule to only have to change it again a few weeks later.  It was working well for my boys, but my little girl needed more playtime with her brothers.  This week I have decided to nix our current physics program and move on to something else which will require another adaptation to the schedule since my boys will be doing physics separately now.    I would much prefer to be schedule-free, but we don’t accomplish what we should without one.  This school year I have also adapted our schedule to allow more time for handwriting and foreign languages.  This has been paying off!  I plan to post more about our changes and update with some of the things we have been doing.

We will have about a week off for Christmas break and then continue with our school year.  We started a little late and lost some time with with all the appointments and extra holidays.   While the kids are making great progress I’m still waiting for us to hit our groove.  I’m thinking the consistency of appointmentless days will help.

Do you build-in time for doctor’s appointments?  What do you do when you end up with 3-4 days of appointments in one week?

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