What is Eclectic Homeschooling?

There are many different styles of homeschooling.   Basically there is your traditional approach that is pretty much like a traditional school.  Then you have a unit study approach that is theme based learning so most of your subjects are taught according to a theme.  

The Charlotte Mason approach uses real books to teach subjects instead of textbooks.  It is also big in narration where a child is supposed to retell or write down what he has heard or learned.  Unschooling is a child-led approach where you let the child choose the topic of study.  No curriculum is used and the child is free to explore and learn what he wants.  

The classical approach is an approach that is systematic and logical where the child progresses through stages.  Then you have the eclectic approach which pretty much takes bits and pieces from several approaches.

If you haven’t guessed by looking at the name of this blog, we are eclectic in our homeschooling.  We take a little from traditional schooling, have fun with theme based learning for history and geography, use real books when possible. and have a tiny bit of unschooling in the mix.  Prior to Kindergarten we utilized unschooling all the time.

There is no method that is perfect.  Each parent has to find the best method that suits their teaching style and their child’s learning style.  

It is hard to know what will work best until you are right there in the trenches.  So get a little dirty and see what works best for you and your children.

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  1. Glad to know it has a name! LOL We will begin homeschooling next year and will be doing this style. Unschooling will work great for my son in science, but he has no interest in reading or writing, so some things we’ll have to plan.

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