Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere

I purchased a Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere in the winter and we have been patiently waiting for warmer weather to get it set up.  The past few days we had been finding more and more ants in the yard so yesterday we set up our Ant-O-Sphere and went in search of ants.  The pod construction is quite sturdy, but I was a little disappointed with the flimsy base and the plastic supports.  When it was all put together it seemed sturdy enough though.  The whole thing does wiggle a bit when you adjust a pod.

To catch the ants I put a dab of honey on a rock where I saw several large ants.  We were not able to find their nest, but we did capture almost 20 large ants for our ant farm.  We set up the pods according to the instructions and plan to experiment with different types of food and have some growing plants in one or two pods.  This pod set-up is quite unlike any other ant farm I have used and I have used many. It is designed to imitate an actual ant nest.  So far the ants are slowly getting used to their new home and I’m attempting to catch a few more.  Catching these large ants was rather difficult using the small container provided.  Because of the design of this ant farm the ants need to be placed in the small container to enter a pod.

This took up a bit of space so I set it up in our school room/playroom where we can observe it a bit easier during our days.  Here is a little Youtube video talking about the Ant-O-Sphere:

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