Winter Break

School has been a bit sporadic at our house the last week or two. We have Christmas upon us as well as a move to another house. Our new place is in the town next door to where we are now and it backs onto a huge park. I’m very excited to be rid of the three level house we have now. Three levels with a toddler is not very fun. This place is pretty much one level. The bedrooms and bathroom are about a half level higher than the rest of the living space. I have yet to figure out where we will have school in the new place, but I will post pictures when I have things all set up. Meanwhile my boys have a break. They are already walking around bored! Packing and unpacking is always fun, eh? We can start moving just before Christmas and have to have the move completed by the first of January. By mid-January we should be back on track and having school as usual.

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  1. Where are you moving to? You can leave me a not @

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