Word Play: Fun with English Unit Study


Word Play Fun with English


English is full of beautiful and interesting nuances.  When I sat down with my 7-year-old at the end of first grade to see what she was interested in learning for 2nd grade, she asked to learn more about alphabets, letters, and English.  I looked around at different resources and discovered The Word Snoop.  It is a fun trip through many interesting features of English.  I’ve put together a study based on the book and added in a bunch of videos and activities that my daughter will like.  It should be fun!

Chapter 1:  How it all began…

Chapter 2:  Why is English so strange?

The Word Snoop

Chapter 3:  Dots and dashes, interrobangs and cat’s claws

Chapter 4:  Letters, letters, letters

Chapter 5:  Is that another Greek word?

Chapter 6:  Who likes playing games

Chapter 7:  Say that again!

Chapter 8:  Hmm, I wonder what you’re really saying

Chapter 9:  Is that a real person?

Chapter 10:  Back to the future




  1. This is a wonderful curriculum, engaging, diverse and my son and I both love it! Thank you for sharing! Do you have any more similar mixed resource curriculum like this?

  2. This curriculum is quite impressive! Thank you for introducing us to Nessy on Youtube. My daughter loves those videos. Have you come across other similar videos (will keep the kids giggling while learning) for 2nd/3rd grader on Youtube?

  3. THANKS!!!! This is a wonderful addition to our world history survey course. . . The Word Snoop is an awesome resource. . . Will be using with my 5th grader.

  4. This is great! Thanks! I am going to get this book from the library and do this unit study!
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  5. Oh my goodness! This is fabulous! I wanted to do a study like this, but was having a hard time conceptualizing it because it is so big. My son is interested in this topic, but it is truly me who wants to learn it, lol. Thank you so much!

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