Yes! Spelling Success!

Progress!  Measurable and observable progress!  Yes, I’m excited because we are finally using a spelling method that works for my son.  We had tried several different programs, but my son typically continued to misspell words that he was already misspelling.  All of the programs also had him practicing spelling words that he knew how to spell.  I wrote about our spelling journey in this post and explained the program we are now using.  

My son is a visual-spatial learner.  These kids tend to be whole to part learners who usually have more difficulty with subject areas that focus on the parts like spelling, punctuation, phonics, etc.  After many years of phonics, phonics-based spelling, and pattern-based spelling, it is exciting to come to a place where we are seeing measurable progress.  Because my son was misspelling some easy words and spelling some more difficult words correctly, most programs weren’t fitting him very well.  Individualized Spelling has been great!
I’m keeping track of his misspelled words that he does in his writing as well as ones he does with his spelling program.  Once he gets a word correct on five different days, he gets to tear up the card.   He tore up at least 10 cards today and will be tearing up more each time he has spelling now.  As he was spelling words today he asked me how he used to spell the words.  That is another good sign if you ask me.  He didn’t remember how he had spelled the words incorrectly.  
Tearing up the cards was also good fine motor practice for my Kindergartner.  She ran over and wanted to help tear up his finished words.  Once they were all torn up, into the garbage they went.

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