Can Homeschooling Parents Really Teach Every Subject Well?

Can Homeschooling Parents Really Teach Every Subject Well

Can I as a homeschooling parent really teach every subject well?  Doubters of homeschooling often question whether or not parents can provide an appropriate education. I think this very question demonstrates a misunderstanding of how homeschooling works. I can’t teach every subject well.  That is rather impossible.  My job isn’t …

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When You Have No Money for Homeschool Curriculum

when you have no money for homeschool curriculum

Have you been there?  Some families have been there many times.  When finances are tight, the library can be an excellent tool for creating curriculum without costing you anything.  One year when I had limited funds, I started using the library heavily.  It turned out that the curriculum I was …

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4 Benefits to a Documentary-Focused History Study

4 benefits to a documentary focused history study

We have just finished our 3rd year of a documentary-focused history study and it has been an amazing way to explore history.  Along the way I’ve discovered 4 amazing benefits to learning history through documentaries. 1. Watching documentaries is more engaging than reading a textbook I don’t know about you, …

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