5th and 6th Grade Reading Book List

If you want to build vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, classic literature is a great place to start.  These books have stood the test of time and are written by gifted writers who know how to craft a sentence.  You will find more complex vocabulary in classic books too!

Here is a list of 5th and 6th grade readers for a child who loves animals and stories where unusual things happen.  Below you will see each book’s estimated grade level and lexile level.

I’m listing them in the order I’m having my kid read them:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  5.9 grade level, 810 lexile level

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator  5.4 grade level,  720 lexile level

Matilda  5.2 grade level, 840 lexile level

James and the Giant Peach 6.7 grade level, 870 lexile level

Runny Babbit 4.2 grade level (a fun addition)

Number the Stars 5.2 grade level, 670 lexile level

The BFG 5.8 grade level, 720 lexile level

The Indian in the Cupboard 5.9 grade level, 780 lexile level

Lassie Come Home 5.8 grade level, 780 lexile level

Pollyanna 5.8 grade level, 870 lexile level

A Wrinkle in Time 4.7 grade level, 740 lexile level

Mary Poppins 6.1 grade level, 830 lexile level

Old Yeller 5.4 grade level, 910 lexile level

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  6.1 grade level, 940 lexile level

Adventures of Tom Sawyer 5.9 grade level, 950 lexile level

The Little Princess 5.5 grade level, 930 lexile level

The Secret Garden 6.8 grade level, 970 lexile level

Heidi 7.9 grade level, 960 lexile level

Anne of Green Gables 5.9 grade level, 990 lexile level

The Wizard of Oz 6.9 grade level 1000 lexile level

Black Beauty 6.4 grade level, 1010 lexile level

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