7 Can’t Miss Videos for Parents of Gifted Children


7 Cant Miss Videos for Parents of Gifted ChildrenRecently I spent some time exploring Youtube and discovered many great lectures or webinars on topics that can be helpful to parents of gifted kids.  These 7 lectures or talks are some of the best ones I found.

1.  Meeting the Complex Needs of Gifted Children by Jim Delisle

  • Dr. Jim Delisle was a teacher of gifted children for 30 years as well as a director of gifted education at my old alma mater, Kent State University.  He has also authored Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy, Successful Gifted Children.  I found this hour long talk to help me further understand the intensity of giftedness.  Many of the examples talked about in the lecture deal with a classroom situation, but there is quite a bit relating to parents too.

2.  Parenting a Gifted Child: Common Dilemmas and Practical Solutions Webinar

  • This webinar was presented by Kimberley Gullo who is a GATE instructor in California.  There is quite a bit of introductory information about the webinar and other resources so if you just want to hear the presentation, skip to the 10:30 minute mark.  I found that this talk gives a good solid overview of giftedness.  It covers things like asynchrony, forming friendships, intensity, perfectionism, learning disabilities, and more.

3.  Understanding and Supporting the Emotional Aspects of Giftedness Webinar

  • This webinar is presented by Christine Fonesca who is the author of Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students and 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids.  If you want to know more about emotional intensity and what to do with your child’s intense feelings, you want to watch this webinar.  I know I need to watch this one many times.
  • 4.  Gifted Children and Sleep

    • This lecture is presented by Dr. Brandi Maynard who is a gifted educator and author of the book 5 Disciplines Every Gifted Educator Must Master.  If your gifted child has trouble going to sleep, you don’t want to skip this one.  I’ve already used one suggestion with my son.

    5.  Assisting Gifted Students in Developing Self-Regulation Webinar

    • This webinar is presented by Dr. Richard Cash who has been involved in gifted education as a teacher, administrator, and as a graduate level educator for 25 years.  He has also written a book called Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century.  Self-regulation involves planning, studying, setting goals, and adapting.  He talks about how many young gifted kids don’t learn self-regulation because they aren’t being challenged.  By the time they reach challenging material, they haven’t learned the skills involved with studying.

    6.  Breakthroughs in Assessment of the Gifted by Linda Silverman

    7.  Important A’s for Parents by Doreen Woolley

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