Edible Easter fun

easterAs part of my 4 year old daughter’s Easter unit study we made a couple yummy edible crafts.  Our first one was a Crown of Thorns made out of pretzels and chocolate.

I melted some chocolate chips in a bowl.  My daughter put some pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate and mixed it gently.

We then criss-crossed the chocolate covered pretzels to make a crown of thorns shape.

Here it is finished.  My kids enjoyed eating a small portion of it after it dried.

Chocolate hands!

Our other edible creation was Resurrection rolls.  Basically I used two Pillsbury dough crescent roll tubes, marshmallows, butter, and cinnamon to make our rolls.

Her job was to roll the big marshmallows in melted butter and then roll them around in cinnamon.

She then placed the marshmallow on the spread out dough.

I rolled up the dough as we talked about how Jesus’ body was laid in the tomb.

After they were baked, I cut open a Resurrection bun for a child when we came to the chorus in this song:

We talked about how the grave was empty because Jesus rose from the dead.  I found this to be a great visual for a young child.

These unit study activities are part of my daughter’s season and holiday studies.  Many of the activities we have done this year are ones that my kids want to continue.  The Crown of Thorns and Resurrection Buns are on the list to be a yearly family activity for years to come.

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