I don’t like math

idontlikeI wanted to share an interesting exchange I had with my 8 year old yesterday.

8 year old proudly crooning to siblings:  “I don’t like math.”
Mom:  “But you are good at math.  It is one of your better subjects.”
8 year old insisted:  “I still don’t like math.”
Mom:  “Well then, no more math for you (think Soup Nazi here).  You are done with math.”  Of course I was joking, but my son didn’t know that.
8 year old half-shocked and half-confused meekly said:  “But what about my job?”  He wants to work in a computer science field when he grows up and knows math skills are important for that.
Mom:  I shrugged.
8 year old speaking a little louder now said:  “Well, I do like math a little.”

Things may not always be as they seem.

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  1. Nice! I’ll have to try “Soup Nazi psychology” the next time one of mine tries this.

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