Music Appreciation – Classical and Modern

We have started an introduction to music appreciation this school year.  I wanted to introduce my children to the classical composers as well as modern artists.   While they pick up on music listened to around the home, I put together a study that would help them recognize different classical composers as well as appreciate and identify modern artists.  I purchased the Connect the Thoughts Music History – Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, and Mendelssohn curriculum through currclick for only $12.  It introduced the concept of music appreciation and then proceeded to give a little information about different composers.  It also provides YouTube links to listen to music from each composer.  If you purchase the curriculum you will be able to download the PDF file.

I didn’t find much on modern artists so I put together my own study and meshed it with the classical one.  I chose 4 different artists or groups and found a short biography of them at the library as well as plenty of YouTube links to hear and see them perform.

We are well on our way through this study and it has been fun.  As we complete each artist we print out of picture of them from the internet and glue them into our timeline book.  All the page numbers correspond to the Connect the Thoughts Music History – Vivaldi, Back, Handel, and Mendelssohn.

     What is music/composing
     Gregorian Chant             Timeline 590
     Palestrina                        Timeline 1525
     Monteverdi                      Timeline 1567
     Telemann                         Timeline 1681
     Rameau                           Timeline 1683
Mahalia Jackson 1911-1972
Timeline late 40s
Summertime/Motherless Child
Precious Lord Take my hand 1961
We Shall Overcome (late 1960s)
Antonio Vivaldi 1675
     pg 19-23
Elvis 1935-1977
     Life: Remembering Elvis: 30 Years Later pictures and cd
     Timeline late 1950s That’s Allright Mama 1954 Blue Suede Shoes 1956 Love Me Tender 1956 Jailhouse Rock 1957 Are You Lonesome Tonight? 1960 Can’t Help Falling in Love 1961 Return to Sender 1962 In the Ghetto 1969 The Wonder of You 1970   How Great Thou Art, 1972 American Trilogy 1973
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685
     Pg 26-34
Beatles 1940/1943
The Beatles – short biography with pictures
Timeline Mid 60s
     Pg 35-42
U2 1960/1961
Chart Toppers: The Great Performers of Popular Music Over the Last 50 Years
short bios of lots of performers in the past 50 years
Timeline Mid 80s
Where the Streets Have No Name through 6:00 then mute 1987
A Sort of Homecoming later 80s
     Pg 43-47


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  1. This is so awesome! I have bookmarked this page and plan to do this with my first grader. Thank you for taking the time to link all of these great songs! I appreciate it so much.

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