Poetry for Kids

Poetry can be an excellent form of self-expression.  While I haven’t really assigned poetry for my kids, it is one of the things that would cause us to “skip” formal work.

If I see my kid sitting down with pencil and paper in hand to craft some poetry, I don’t tell her to stop so we can do some formal schooling.  I let her be.  Formal schooling can wait.  So much can be learned in those child-initiated learning moments.

My 9 year old recently came to me with a pile of poems, wanting me to publish some on this blog.  I picked 4 to share.


Once an important day passes by
as a memory that makes you cry.
Then spring passes near as the flowers all bloom.
Then there comes June.
In the summer sunshine
once the babies are all born.
It’s such a bummer
It makes you mourn.


The wind not in the air
Bunnies hopping
Glad they’re not being skinned and
Past noon there is wind,
Birds tweet
My flute fleets.


Love spreads like a mayflower
blowing in the wind.
It can grow faster than snow.
It can spread faster than others.
And each other’s love can shine
like a star above.

Yorkies Rule

No matter what you say,
Yorkies rule anyway.
Only if you do,
Yorkies can help you.
Most shorthairs are bad
They might feel sad.
Yorkies are better than
1000 pieces of pie all together.

Which one is your favorite? Please share in the comments.

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  1. We will use these for our Poetry Teatime Tuesday today:)

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