Science Project on Biomes

My two boys recently completed a science project on a chosen biome.  We have been looking in depth at many different biomes for the past couple months using this study.  For their project they had to:

  • Choose a biome.
  • Find out what animals from that biome were at our local zoo.
  • Go to the zoo and take pictures from animals from their preselected biome.
  • Identify the animals in the pictures and create a movie in Windows Movie Maker.
My younger son just had to write the names of the animals on the pictures.  My older son had to research or remember a fact about the animal and add that to his movie.  They each chose the music to go with their little movie.

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  1. I love this, and I’m bookmarking it to show my 7-year-old later. I never thought about using photos in Windows Movie Maker. Ah … the possibilities! 🙂

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