Story of the World Middle Ages: Video Supplements


My 5th grader will be starting on Story of the World Middle Ages.  We are using the audio along with the activity book.  My kid also enjoys learning through videos so we are supplementing the activity book with videos.  Since we are doing an activity for almost every chapter and we are doing geography along with this, I expect that we will take 2 years to get through the book.  This post covers the first 21 chapters in the book.

Chapter 1 – The Glory That Was Rome

Barbarians:  The Saxons

Barbarians:  The Lombards

Barbarians:  The Goths

Barbarians: The Vandals

Barbarians: The Mongols

Chapter 2 – The Early Days of Britain

Animated Epics: Beowulf

Celts: In the Beginning

Celts: Heroes in Defeat

Celts: Sacred Groves

Celts: From Camelot to Christ

Celts: Legend and Reality

Chapter 3 – Christianity Comes to Britain

The True Story of St. Patrick

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Medieval Lives:  The Monk

Chapter 4 – The Byzantine Empire

Art of Eternity – The Glory of Byzantium

Byzantines: Engineering an Empire

The Decline of the Byzantine Empire

Chapter 5 – The Medieval Indian Empire

Legend of Buddha

Indian Mythology for Kids

Hinduism: Oldest Religion

History of Hindu India

History of Hindu India 2

History of Hindu India 3

Chapter 6 – The Rise of Islam

History Channel Muhammed the Prophet

The Five Pillars of Islam Explained

Chapter 7 – Islam Becomes an Empire

Islam Empire of Faith 1

Islam Empire of Faith 2

Islam Empire of Faith 3

Inside Mecca

Arabian Nights

Chapter 8 – The Great Dynasties of China

China Engineering an Empire

China’s Grand Canal

Medieval Chinese Inventions

BBC China History The Golden Age

Chapter 9 – East of China

Japan Yamoto Dynasty

A Brief History of Korea

Chapter 10 – The Bottom of the World

Aboriginals of Australia

The Men of the Fifth World

Easter Island – Links with the New Zealand Maori

History of the Maori People

Chapter 11 – The Kingdom of the Franks

Barbarians: The Franks

Dark Ages Franks

Chapter 12 – The Islamic Invasion

Islamic History Tariq bin Ziyad

When the Moors Rule in Europe A History of Islam in Spain 1

When the Moors Rule in Europe A History of Islam in Spain 2

An Islamic History in Europe – BBC

Chapter 13 – The Great Kings of France

Charlemagne and the Saxons

Chapter 14 – The Arrival of the Norsemen

Barbarians The Vikings

Ancient Norse Vikings

The Vikings Who Were They

History Channel The Vikings

Chapter 15 – The First Kings of England

Time Team Battle of Hastings

Battlefield Britain Battle of Hastings

Kings and Queens of England:  The Normans

1066 A Year to Conquer England

1066 A Year to Conquer England part 2

1066 A Year to Conquer England part 3

Chapter 16 – England After the Conquest

The Celtic Languages

The Christmas Story in Old English

Medieval Lives:  The Peasant

Medieval Lives:  The Monk

Medieval Lives:  The Damsel

Medieval Lives:  The Minstrel

Medieval Lives:  The Philosopher

Medieval Lives:  The Outlaw

Medieval Lives:  The King

Life in the Middle Ages The Serf

Children of the Middle Ages

Middle Ages Architecture

Secrets of the Castle Building the Castle

Secrets of the Castle Defending the Castle

Secrets of the Castle Inside the Castle

Secrets of the Castle A Skilled Castle

Chapter 17 – Knights and Samurai

Medieval Lives:  The Knight

Knights Men in Iron

Knights For Fame and Honor

Knights Last of Their Kind

The Way of the Samurai

The Samurai Part 1

The Samurai Part 2

Chapter 18 – The Age of Crusades

 Crusade Episode 1

Crusade Episode 2

Crusades The Crescent and the Cross

The Second and Third Crusades

The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem An Arab Perspective

The Muslim Response to the Crusades

Chapter 19 – A New Kind of King

The Third Crusade and the Richard the Lionheart Documentary

Holy Warriors Richard the Lionheart and Saladin

Bad King John

The Last Journey of the Magna Carta King

Time Team King John’s Lost Palace

Fact or Fiction Robin Hood

Chapter 20 – The Diaspora

Jewish History – Jewish Diaspora part 1

Jewish History – Jewish Diaspora part 2

Chapter 21 – The Mongols Devastate the East

Genghis Khan The Rise of the Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan Rider of the Apocalypse


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  1. Wow! This is such a great list, I will definitely be using this page a lot this year. I had such a hard time finding… “globally balanced” information…I guess you could call it. I love your approach to homeschool and your individualized curriculum for your kids. I’ve been bouncing all over your site this week! I especially appreciated your post about the imaginative learner! Thanks for getting us started on the right foot this year!

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