Study of India

India Unit StudyThis school year we plan to visit India without ever stepping foot outside our country.  We will be exploring the Indian culture in depth through books, DVDs, and activities.  This study is listed in chronological order, but it may be done in any order.

Watch Global Wonders: India a DVD cartoon introduction to culture of India

Read Prita Goes to India good overview of India with a child’s perspective

Color map of India
Make cookie cake map of India
Make, paint, or color flag of India

Read The Ganges: India’s Sacred River good info and pictures on river

Watch Globe Trekker India Andrew Daddo visits northern India traveling from the holy river Ganges in Varanasi to the lost city of Leh.
Listen to music from India – CDs and YouTube
Watch Globe Trekker India Traveler Holly Morris then moves east to Darjeeling and Calcutta before heading for the peaceful Andaman Islands.

Read Indian Tales

Watch Indian dances on YouTube
Watch Globe Trekker India  Moving south, Justine Shapiro visits vibrant Madras before exploring the lakes and waterways of Kerala’s coast
Play Chess
Watch Globe Trekker India Finally, in west India, Megan McCormick travels through Goa, Bombay and Mumbai.

Read Hinduism: Babu’s Story good intro to Hinduism and gives child’s perspective

Watch Going to School in India 76 minutes

Watch Chalo Festival Time (Hindi Kids Presents)
DVD 30 minutes – looks at Hindu holidays

Read Diwali

Fun with Holi colors (Feb/March)

Younger student read Gandhi by Demi

Watch Gandhi  DVD 190 minutes

Visit local Little India

Read Mother Teresa (Life Stories)  Covers story of her life with pictures.

Have a feast with different kinds of Indian food


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  2. You could have fun with Holi colors. While it isn’t the right time of year, you should be able to find some online. We just finished this study and will be having an Indian food feast soon.

  3. Do you have any ideas for me? We (my DS6 and I) just finished reading the Bhagavad-Gita for kids, as well as the Ramayana for kids. I’d like to do some sort of celebration at the end of all of this. The cookie idea is good, but we didn’t study geography at all. We were mainly learning about the Hindu religion. What do you think?

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