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Combining Super Mario with Foreign Language Learning


My kids all love Mario.  At breakfast time each morning my children watch a video in a foreign language.  I have some DVDs around the house and I also utilize Youtube for the many great kid’s shows in foreign languages. This morning I discovered some Super Mario videos on Youtube …

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Ancient Greek Pictionary

Learning foreign language vocabulary can be done through rote memorization, but it isn’t very fun and at times it can be quite tedious.  We’ve had success learning individual words by association.  For instance the word for farmer in ancient Greek is αὐτουργός which sounds like owe – tore- gose. We …

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Watch Mandarin Shows for Kids Online

We typically watch shows from this list a couple times a week.  While my kids are still in the beginning stages of learning Mandarin, exposure helps.  They don’t understand everything, but as they learn more and more their comprehension will grow.1. http://www.56.com/u85/v_NTMxODg4NTg….MxODg4NTg.html Lion King in Mandarin2. “大头儿子小头爸爸” (Big Head Son – …

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Learning Arabic with YouTube

YouTube is a great supplement to any language study. Every Monday we watch selected videos on the Arabic language during lunch. I chose videos related to the alphabet and vocabulary. The Arabic alphabet songs are catchy and the vocabulary is simple. The Arabic alphabet songs and the videos from the …

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Learning the sounds of Arabic

For our Arabic language studies we are focusing on learning the sounds of the various letters in Arabic. I am using Alif Baa. Alif Baa is a curriculum designed for the older learner so I am adapting this program for the boys. The curriculum comes with a DVD and it …

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Rosetta Stone Language Program – Making it work for us

Rosetta Stone is a widely acclaimed foreign language program, but my boys don’t like it. They get bored of it quite quickly. We have version 2 and I purchased it for my oldest son when he was in Kindergarten. When I found out that the shipping costs for my new …

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