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Mirror Writing


My 6 year old showed me another book that she completed today.  My highly creative visual-spatial learner loves to draw, write, and create stories from her imagination.  Every once in awhile she will show me a story or a page and I will see mirror writing.  She doesn’t know that …

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Reading and the Visual Spatial Learner


    The journey into reading has been a bit unusual for my visual-spatial learners and I’ve learned some lessons along the way.  I don’t know if there is a “typical” visual-spatial learner, but Linda Silverman sums it up quite well with this: “The visual spatial learner thrives on complexity, …

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Thoughts on Foreign Language With a Visual-Spatial Learner


My son recently said something to me that had me thinking. We have been studying several foreign languages in our homeschool for 4-5 years now. The other day my visual-spatial learner made a comment that he knows Greek best. He has devoted time and effort into studying Arabic, Mandarin, and …

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Reading Aloud to a Visual Spatial Learner – Improving Listening Skills


As a parent I had envisioned times where my son and I could cuddle together and enjoy books.  From the time my son was small, he would run around and play and interact with other things around him as I attempted to read aloud.  Some kids have the ability to …

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When Formal Schooling and the Imagination Combine

This is why I’ve found it works best to let my Kindergartner do phonics by herself… She will often create little stories and go off on tangents while in the middle of the page.  Today, she decided it would be fun to choose different letters and spell new things.  The …

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A Visual-Spatial Learner at Work

visual spatial learner

Today I opened one of my son’s logic books to check his work and I was met with some rather challenging pages to grade.  This child is very much a visual-spatial learner and I am having him do the Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural from the Critical Thinking Company The …

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Yes! Spelling Success!

Progress!  Measurable and observable progress!  Yes, I’m excited because we are finally using a spelling method that works for my son.  We had tried several different programs, but my son typically continued to misspell words that he was already misspelling.  All of the programs also had him practicing spelling words …

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Thoughts on Visual-Spatial Learners and Language Arts

I’ve stumbled through many language arts resources for my visual-spatial learner.  He learned to read with ease, but had difficulty with phonics and spelling.  He loved to write and would write interesting little stories full of creativity, but there would be no punctuation or capital letters.  Handwriting was a struggle …

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Reading Comprehension and Attention in the Visual-Spatial Learner

Visual-spatial learners have visual strengths, but what do you do when your visual-spatial learner doesn’t picture things in his head while reading?  With the help of some parents in the homeschooling community I have stumbled on something big for us. My visual-spatial learner reads well, but when he was reading …

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