Trip to the local firehall

Earlier this month a local homeschooling mom organized a trip for homeschoolers to the local firehall.  The group of about 12 kids ranged in age from 3 up to 9, but it was geared for first or second graders.  The kids and parents were given a tour of the firehall, the fire truck, a demonstration of the fire gear worn by the firemen, and instruction on fire safety.

Two younger kids inside a fire truck.  The fire fighter was demonstrating some equipment they use.

My 2nd grader standing in the front of the fire truck.

A lesson in fire safety.  They were shown a fire safety DVD with follow-up questions from a fire fighter.

The fireman demonstrated the equipment he wears when fighting fires.  My little girl was quite interested.

All the kids took turns sitting in an old fire truck that is used for parades.

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