Typical Homeschool Day

Every homeschool is different and the typical day will look different for each homeschool. I compiled a little video of a “typical day” in our homeschool. In our homeschool every day is different. We started off this school year with a crazy schedule. It worked though and now that I’m more comfortable with the set-up, we are doing something similar that is a bit more relaxed.We are using a loop schedule.  Each child goes down their list in order – to a degree.  If they need my help on the subject then they go onto a subject that they can do independently until I can work with them.  My Kindergartner has very little that she does independently so when I’m not working with her, she is usually playing.  My kids don’t do many subjects together because I have quite different learners and personalizing their education is a priority in our homeschool.

This is my 4th grader’s loop.
Kindergarten loop
6th grade loop
Each loop is close to a week’s worth of work.  I know about how long I want each subject on the list to last, but sometimes we may finish early or take longer.
Anyway, here is our day.  The pictures of their loops are from the morning of the typical day.

I also made a “typical day” compilation of pictures back when my boys were finishing Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  My daughter was a toddler playing in the room where we had school.


  1. Great videos! You’re accomplishing a lot with your kids. I love the global aspect of their learning. We live in Peru right now and I love giving my kids that cultural experience. It’s so important to make them aware of the world outside our little corner of it. You’re doing a wonderful job in your homeschooling.
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