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Winter Unit Study

In January and a little into February I explored winter with my 4 year old.  For this unit study we read picture books related to winter and did some activities.  You can see our list of books and the activities here.  Most of our time was spend reading picture books.  There were so many great ones.  The most difficult activity of all was building a snowman.  The snow would not cooperate.  Last week we managed to make a tiny snowman and it lasted a couple hours.  We didn’t end up making the snow globe and the frozen colored balls would have been great if the weather cooperated.  Here are some highlights:

She did a little sledding, but mostly wanted to play in the snow.
Hot chocolate is good after fun in the snow.
We filled the balloons with colored water and put them in the snow to freeze so we could have colored frozen balls.  They froze, but I wanted to wait until we had a small snowfall so they could find the buried “treasure” out in the snow.  The weather didn’t cooperate.  We ended up having everything melt and the balloons burst.  

This little activity was fun.  We used real buttons, googly eyes, cotton balls, glue, and construction paper.

The finished project…it now is dry and hanging on my fridge.
We recently had a snow day.  By that I mean we had tons of snow!  Local schools were closed.  In addition to some regular school activities we had some fun in the snow.  

Her first snow angel.

Snow angel “twins”

 Here is the difficult snowman.  We ended up using orange peels because it was a pretty tiny snowman.

This gives you an idea of how small it really was.

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