3 Ways Homeschooling Helps You Be Present for Your Kids

3 Ways Homeschooling Helps You Be Present for Your Kids

One of the things I like about homeschooling is that it makes it easier to be present for your kids.  Homeschooling your children doesn’t mean that you will be present for them though.  You can be around your children all day every day without being present.  Being present is all about connecting.

There are a few ways that homeschooling does help you be present for your kids.

1. Time

Homeschooling is the gift of time.  In a typical homeschooling environment you would be around your kids quite a bit for most days.  This amount of time provides you more opportunities to connect throughout the day.

 2. Escaping the daily grind and focusing on each other

Homeschooling goes against the norm in our society.  It, in a way, takes a step away from the treadmill of life and allows you to enjoy the everyday moments that are crucial in building strong bonds.  It takes the focus away from the have-to-get-done things that can engulf us.  Instead, homeschooling can be a flexible journey where you focus on the needs of your children for each particular day.

3. Really Getting to Know Each Other

When you are around your children quite a bit, you really get to know them.  I found that getting to know and understand how my children’s brains work for learning helped me connect with them even more.

I’m thankful that homeschooling provides an opportunity to take a step back from this fast-paced world and connect more with each other.  While it isn’t a given that homeschoolers will be connected to their kids, homeschooling does provide more opportunities to do so.

Do you think homeschooling helps you be more present for your kids?  Please share how in the comments.

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  1. I totally agree with these! My oldest graduated this year and while other parents were crying I wasn’t! Having at home between 2nd -10th grade made me feel like I hadn’t missed all those years. We’ve had the time, and have a great relationship! Yay homeschooling!!

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