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6th Grade Plans

6th Grade Plans6th grade is almost here.  Since we school year round and start our new school year in July, I just finalized a list of materials that I plan to use for my 11 year old.  We have an eclectic wide and deep approach to homeschooling.

This is my second time having a 6th grader, but each child is unique!  So the plans my older child had in 6th grade don’t match my second child’s plans.  My rising 6th grader is a visual-spatial learner who is strong in math, computers, and art.

Earlier this month I sat down with my 11 year old to discuss how this school year went.  I asked him what he liked, what he didn’t, and what he wanted to learn next year.  We went over each subject together and discussed possible plans.  This is the plan we came up with:










Foreign Language



Fine Arts

Logic and Philosophy




  • At least 45 minutes per day exercise


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  1. Thank you so much. Out of all the blogs I follow, this has to be the best curriculum list for our family. I have scoured through your recommendations and found a ton for us to use!

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