9th Grade Plans

9th Grade Plans

9th grade is here!  I’ve just finished making plans for my oldest child.  He has a high interest in a STEM career so we are math and science heavy in our choices.  Personalizing my children’s education is one of my top reasons for homeschooling.  As a result, his 9th grade year will look different from my other children’s 9th grade year.

I looked at several different types of schedule set ups and we settled on a block schedule where some subjects are completed in half a year instead of the whole year.

My son is an age where he prefers to do most things independently, so almost all of his subjects will be done independently.  Since we are in the middle of a move, I’m still awaiting to hear about the availability of some group classes.

Here is the semester credit breakdown

Fall Semester

  • Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Counting and Probability – 0.5 credit
  • Modern World History – 1.0 credit
  • American Government and Politics – 0.5 credit
  • Chemistry – 1.0 credit
  • Java Programming – 0.5 credit

Spring Semester

  • Art of Problem Solving Geometry – 1.0 credit
  • Literature and Composition – 1.0 credit
  • Astronomy – 0.5 credit
  • Art – 0.5 credit (possible)
  • Electronics – 0.5 credit

Both Semesters

  • French – (credit completed when work completed, finishing French 1 and then continuing to French 2 – planning to go through French 4)
  • Arabic – (credit completed when work completed, finishing Arabic 2)
  • PE – at least 0.5 credit

Community classes/involvement: TBD  (We are moving and will get plugged in locally)


Here are our curriculum and book choices:


History (WW2-Present):

American Government and Politics



Computer Programming:


Literature and Composition (a mash up of several resources):



Bible (not for credit)

  • Personal devotions
  • Group Bible study with Literary Study Bible  – John, Acts, Genesis, and Isaiah


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